AVID I/ AVID II                                                                               Course #E300/ E320

Prerequisite: Application (See Appendix G)                              1.0 Credit each

AVID is an in-school academic support program that helps students prepare for rigorous high school courses such as honors and AP classes and ultimately provides support for college eligibility and career success. The mission of AVID is to ensure that ALL students and most especially those least- served students who are in the middle will: 

  • succeed in a rigorous curriculum
  • complete a rigorous college preparatory path
  • enter into mainstream activities of the school
  • increase their enrollment in four-year colleges
  • become educated and responsible participants and leaders in a democratic society 

AVID seeks to help students develop study strategies and other advanced learning skills that will help them succeed in more advanced high school core classes. The program has a well-developed curriculum that teaches students higher-order questioning & Cornell Note taking strategies, summarization techniques, test-taking strategies, time management & study strategies, learning logs and reflection journals, writing & organizational skills, and collaboration and team-building.

Books/ Materials3 Ring Binder

                                                                            Course # E330/ E340

Prerequisite: AVID I and AVID II                                               1.0 Credit each

The AVID Senior Seminar is a two-year interdisciplinary course for AVID juniors and seniors. The course is designed for those students who elect to take a course that prepares them for the rigor required for college work. Students will engage in higher levels of WICOR (writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization  and reading) strategies than experienced in prior years of AVID. These higher-level thinking, reading, writing and oral language skills are needed to prepare students for the level of work required to produce a culminating research project at the end of the senior year. This course is organized around the theme of “Leadership as a Catalyst for Change in Society.” Students study, in depth, exceptional leaders in contemporary society, and examine the effect these individuals have had on culture, politics, education, history, science, and the arts. The course requires that students read essays, speeches, articles and letters by these leaders, as well as at least one full-length work by the leader or about the leader. In addition, each student is required to conduct a research project that is presented in the senior year. The project requires that students examine a particular leader’s life and accomplishments in relation to the student’s own possible career goals and aspirations.